Coldplay to play “a couple more shows” before they take a break to reconsider touring

Coldplay are doing a handful of shows before taking an extended break

Coldplay have said they want to play “a couple more shows” before taking time out to think about their touring future for environmental reasons.

Speaking to NME after launching their latest album ‘Everyday Life’ with a series of shows in Jordan, singer Chris Martin recently confirmed that they won’t be touring the record in the traditional way.

“We are going to do our very best to tour again, but I’m serious about that idea, absolutely,” he said. “I’ve been banging the drum on that sort of thing, environment sustainability, for a long time – and getting some flack for it along the road – so yes I’m pleased other artists are starting to get on board with it too, but listen, really taking flack is what we do – it’s ok, I’m cool with that.”


Martin added: “I’m pretty thick skinned, and I’ve realised that even being a human punching bag is being useful to somebody so I’m ok with that too.”


Now, speaking to Radio X, Coldplay revealed that they had a “set plan” in place and were only going to perform a handful of shows in the US before taking an extended period away.

“We’re only doing about three or four gigs, so we’re just starting to feel good and then we’ll stop again,” Martin said.

He continued: “We have a very set plan and I think we’ll do maybe a couple of shows in America…in Los Angeles, and that will be it.”


In an interview recently, Martin also explained that the band’s new double album ‘Everyday Life’ reflects their feelings about the environment.

“If you’ve had the privilege of travelling around the world, you know we’re all from the same place… In a very gentle British way, this record is us saying we don’t feel different from any human on earth.”