Here’s how much money Coldplay made from touring last year

The band's touring company made a staggering amount of cash

The amount of money Coldplay made from touring last year has been revealed, according to reports.

The band played 63 shows in 2017, including shows in the UK, Asia, Europe and North America. Their last show was at the Estadio Ciudad de La Plata in Argentina.

According to The Mirror, the Chris Martin-led group’s touring company, Flock Of Birds, reported a turnover of £63,667,007 in their accounts. Their profit for 2017 was reported at £38.4 million.


The turnover can reportedly be broken down as £59.1 million of performance fees and promotional support, plus £4.5 million in merchandise and royalties. European shows on the ‘A Head Full Of Dreams‘ tour brought in £32.4 million, while those in Asia gained £22 million. For South America, that figure was £6.2 million and, in North America, they made £2.1 million from merchandising.

The paper reports that if the band’s income was spread out over 24 hours per day in 2017, they would be on an hourly wage of £1,812.50. 

Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes has confirmed the band won’t be back on the road until “2021 at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Gwyneth Paltrow uploaded a video of Martin teaching their daughter Apple how to play guitar. The Coldplay frontman was seen showing the 13-year-old how to play The Beatles‘ ‘Blackbird’ in the Instagram clip.

Liam Gallagher, who had previously said Martin looks like a “geography teacher”, recently chose his favourite Coldplay albums. Asked for his opinion on the band’s music, he said 2000’s ‘Parachutes‘ and 2002’s ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head‘ were his favourites from their back catalogue.


“I tell you what, I had a bit of a party at my house the other night and a guy on a guitar who is a massive Coldplay fan was there,” Gallagher said. “I let him sing the first two Coldplay albums on an acoustic guitar. The first two albums are mega. Those albums have some good songs.”

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