Coldplay’s Chris Martin dedicates surprise performance at homeless shelter to George Michael

The frontman stopped by a Crisis shelter in west London

Coldplay’s Chris Martin has dedicated a surprise performance at a homeless shelter to the late George Michael.

Martin made an appearance at a Crisis shelter in west London on Tuesday (December 27), performing for those in need along with volunteers and staff.

During the set, he played Coldplay songs and a cover of Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’, which he dedicated to Michael, according to The Telegraph.

Volunteers posted about the unannounced appearance on social media. One wrote: “That moment when Coldplay’s Chris Martin drops into the Crisis at Christmas shelter, with no fuss, no fanfare and no press, to help make tea and coffee and also play guitar so the guests can have a sing song.

“Thank you for coming down and getting stuck in.”

Michael passed away on Christmas Day. He was found in his bed by his partner after suffering a heart failure.

After his death, it was revealed that he anonymously raised thousands of pounds for charity throughout his life, as people on social media share their stories.

Richard Osman shared an extraordinary example of his secret benevolence, during his time working behind-the-scenes on Deal or No Deal.

Other social media users shared their examples of Michael’s kindness, revealing that he once gave a stranger £25,000 as “she was crying over debt.” Another revealed that he tipped a barmaid £5k “because she was a student nurse in debt.”

Another revealed that George Michael worked anonymously at a homeless shelter whilst another said that he once gave free concert for NHS nurses as a thank you for looking after his late mother.

Another commented that he was the only star on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire who, when gambling all the charity’s cash, said “if I lose it, I’ll just pay it”.