Do What You Like: Here’s Chris Martin doing a bizarre dance to mark Take That’s 30th anniversary

This is somewhat unexpected...

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has released a bizarre video that sees him paying the unlikeliest of tributes to Take That.

Next week, the boyband icons will release ‘Odyssey’, a greatest hits album that spans their entire 30 year career. But as the big career milestone approaches, they’ve received a series of messages from their famous friends.

In one, Kylie Minogue is seen delivering a short, succint and to-the-point message to the camera. Chris Martin, however, has opted for a slightly different approach.


A video on Take That’s twitter sees Martin delivering a dance routine to Take That’s ‘Do What You Like’ in his back garden. He just so happens to be wearing a leather waistcoat that the band would probably take a shine to in their 90s heyday too.

“Oh hi, it’s Chris. 30 years on and I’m still auditioning and I’m waiting to hear from my favourite boyband of all time, Take That”, Martin remarks.

“They never call me, but I’m never gonna give up! I’ll be back for good, because I pray that you’ll want me in your band some day”.

Although it’s improbable that Martin will become the new fourth member of Take That, Coldplay fans can take solace in knowing that the band will probably return next year.


“They’re on a sabbatical at the moment so they’ve been ruthlessly on holiday for a year,” close friend and collaborator Mat Whitecross recently told NME.

Whitehouse, who directed new Coldplay documentary A Head Full Of Dreams, explained: “They’ve never done that before. I don’t know if you can call Chris a workaholic because he loves what he does; he’s in and out of the studio writing three or four songs a day.”

“This year, they decided to take off. They haven’t been doing anything as far as I know, but they do have plans for next year however I’ve not been party to them.”