Compare R.E.M.’s new remix of ‘Monster’ to the original with this nifty A/B player

The 25th anniversary edition of the album is out Friday

Ahead of the release of the 25th anniversary deluxe edition of ‘Monster’ this Friday, R.E.M. have launched an A/B web player that allows you to compare their new remix of the album to the remastered original.

The anniversary reissue of ‘Monster’, which was originally released September 1994, features both a version of the album remastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, as well as a 2019 remix by Scott Litt, the original producer on ‘Monster’.

According to a press release, Litt, who had struggled with the original mix of ‘Monster’, had long wanted another try at mixing it: “I had told the band through the years that if there was ever a chance to take another shot at mixing the album, I wanted to do it.”


Now fans have an easy way to compare the two versions of the album. The new web player, which R.E.M. unveiled on Tuesday (October 29), plays 30-second samples of ‘Monster’, and allows you to toggle between the remastered original tracks and the new remixes, letting you hear the differences in the audio in real-time. If you have a Spotify or Apple Music account, you can login to the player and compare the tracks in their entirety.

Check out the 30-sec sample player on R.E.M.’s official site here, and compare full tracks by logging into your Spotify or Apple Music account here.

R.E.M. have teased the anniversary reissue of ‘Monster’ with several advance tracks, including a previously unheard demo of ‘Revolution’ and the new remixes of ‘What’s The Frequency Kenneth?’ and ‘Let Me In’, the song frontman Michael Stipe had written in memory of Kurt Cobain.

The band also premiered a live version of their hit song ‘Losing My Religion’ on NME, alongside an interview with bassist Mike Mills.


In other R.E.M.-related news, earlier this month Michael Stipe released his debut solo single, ‘Your Capricious Soul’, after revealing in the summer that he was returning to music.