Conor Oberst drops legal case against woman who accused him of rape

Singer-songwriter was pursuing Joanie Faircloth for £410,000 in lost earnings

A representative for Conor Oberst has confirmed that a libel case against the woman who accused the Bright Eyes singer of rape has been dropped.

Buzzfeed reports that Oberst will no longer pursue Joanie Faircloth for the £410,000 ($700,000) in income he claims to have lost since reports over his conduct were made earlier this year.

Faircloth recently admitted that she fabricated the story, calling it “100% false” and claiming she made the allegations for attention. Oberst subsequently accepted the apology.


“Conor had his lawyer ask the Judge to dismiss the complaint against Joanie Faircloth,” a spokesperson said on Monday (July 21). “Conor’s only goal throughout these court proceedings has been to expose the truth. As per his statement of last week: he looks forward to moving on to happier times.”

Faircloth made her original claim in the comments section of a lifestyle website writing: “I was raped by a ‘rock star’ myself. I was 16 years old, he was in his 20s. No one believed me (he wasn’t even that famous then).” She later claimed that the “rock star” referred to was Oberst.

Oberst released his latest album, ‘Upside Down Mountain’, earlier this year.