Contestant botches Radiohead question on US game show ‘Jeopardy!’

"Are you 'Kid A'-ing?"

A contestant on a US game show failed to answer a question about Radiohead and the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame correctly.

Last night’s episode (June 27) of US quiz show Jeopardy! included a category about rock acts who have not yet been inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, one particular question posed featured a big clue that would likely have secured victory for Radiohead fans.


Host Alex Trebek asked contestants: “Are you ‘Kid A’-ing? These alt-rock legends weren’t part of the class of 2018, their first year eligibility.”

Only one competitor on the show answered confidently, but their offer of Beastie Boys was incorrect. Amy, another contestant on the show, said the answer was on the tip of her tongue.

Scott, the third contestant, had soared successfully through category questions on The Cure and Whitney Houston, but failed to identify Radiohead as the question’s correct answer. Music trivia is, apparently, consistently one of the hardest Jeopardy! categories.

In other Radiohead news, on Monday (June 25) the band released a rare track called ‘Come TO Your Senses‘. A live recording of the song was made available to mark the 12th anniversary of the show where they played the composition during soundcheck.