These are the ‘coolest’ and ‘edgiest’ music festivals, according to millennials

New survey quizzed over 1,000 21-37 year olds across the UK

A new survey has found what millennials deem to be the “coolest” and “edgiest” music festivals in the UK.

Music Week reports of a new survey from ticketing company Eventbrite that asked over 1,000 21-37 year olds across the UK what they thought of various British festivals.

According to the findings, Isle of Wight festival – headlined this year by Arcade Fire, David Guetta and Rod Stewart –  is considered to be the “coolest” British music festival and the best place to “meet attractive people”.


The “edgiest” festival was named as the metal and rock-heavy Download Festival, while Glastonbury was picked as the best festival for “looking good on social media”.

T In The Park festival was deemed by those polled to be attended by young, loud and aggressive people, while Port Eliot festival in Cornwall was seen to be for “posh people”.

Nichi Hodgson commented on the report, saying: “Millennials are pickier about where they go. They’re more aesthetically conscious than people have ever been. The Instagram generation, the fact that they want to take a picture of everything they do means they have higher standards for venues, concerts, festivals. The way that festivals have come on in the past ten years has been incredible. Nowadays you expect an immersive experience.”