Corey Feldman says he can’t defend the “horrendous crimes” of Michael Jackson

"I don't want to be perceived as I'm here to defend Michael Jackson."

Corey Feldman has said he can’t defend Michael Jackson, days after doubling down on his support for the pop icon.

Earlier this week, the former child star hit out at Leaving Neverland – branding the documentary “poorly made” and discrediting the allegations made by both Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the film.

While Feldman was friends with the late music icon, he now says that he will no longer attempt to defend him.

“I don’t want to be perceived as I’m here to defend Michael Jackson, because I can no longer do that,” the actor told HLN.

“I cannot in good consciousness defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous crimes. But at the same time, I’m also not here to judge him, because again, he didn’t do those things to me and that was not my experience.”

Describing his own experiences of abuse, Feldman said: “You’re a kid who has endured sexual abuse and during those times, I’m looking to somebody like Michael Jackson as a friend, as a big brother figure. And he was that person to me.”

He added: “However, as you’re friends with this guy, all of a sudden you start to hear more and more accusations being thrown around by various people.

“It comes to a point where as an advocate for victims, as an advocate for changing the statutes of limitations to make sure victims’ voices are heard, it becomes impossible for me to stay virtuous and not at least consider what’s being said and not listen to what the victims are saying.”

This comes after Feldman previously claimed that a network of high-profile paedophiles was actively operating within Hollywood.

Leaving Neverland debuted on British television on Wednesday and Thursday evening. The decision to air the show saw Jackson’s fans heading to Channel 4’s HQ to protest the decision.
The demonstration came after the broadcaster refused to pull Leaving Neverland from its schedule, despite messages from fans and Jackson’s estate.