Corey Taylor hits out at musicians who branded Chester Bennington a “coward”

"Calling them cowards is a very immature way of looking at it".

Corey Taylor has hit out at the musicians who labelled Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell as “cowards” after they both took their own lives.

Last month, Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head Welch’ attracted criticism after he blasted Bennington as cowardly for leaving his family behind following his tragic death.

Now, Slipknot frontman Corey has criticised the “immature” attitudes of Bennington’s critics – but did not address Welch directly by name.

The singer, who has previously opened up  about his own mental heath battles, told Loudwire: “Calling them cowards is a very immature way of looking at it. It’s the easy way to look at something like that, because it makes you not have to face what a serious issue it is. It’s easy for someone to label it like that so they can turn their back on it and pretend that it was something that didn’t happen to them, when inside they’re hurting.

“People who fight depression are almost in a constant state of hurting. It comes and goes. The tide rises, the tide ebbs, and sometimes it’s hard to get past that break.”

He also opened up on his own methods of coping with depression, and says he surrounds himself with a close network of friends who support him.

“There are places to go. Whether it’s a friend or a stranger, there are organisations, there are centres, there are people who are dedicated to listening. Because sometimes that’s all you need – just someone to listen… You’re not a coward. You’re not alone. Get the help you need. There are ways to find it”, he said.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Chris Cornell will be honoured with a statue in Seattle after the Soundgarden frontman took his own life in June.