Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on Trump: ‘Would you just fucking get impeached already?’

Metal frontman speaks ahead of new political book 'America 51'

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has hit out at Donald Trump ahead of the publication of his new book.

The metal singer is set to publish America 51 on August 8. It sees Taylor talking politics and the state of the United States.

“There’s a reason that the new Stone Sour album [‘Hydrograd’] doesn’t have any political shit on it: It all went in the book,” he told Rolling Stone“And what I wrote is fucking brutal.”


“It’s really fucking unfortunate how bad we have just fucked ourselves,” Taylor added of Trump’s election. “Did you see what he did with the members of the UN? Did you see him shove the dude? I’m like, ‘Ugh, you petty, petulant c**t. Would you just fucking get impeached already?'”

“It is embarrassing that he is the ‘leader of the free world,'” Taylor continued. “I will never give him the qualification for that shit. He can’t go away fast enough. And I think people are really starting to see that. His approval rating is at 39 percent in a lot of places. Was there a reason you wiped your ass with your fucking vote, you bunch of dickheads? Good for you.”

Taylor also admitted he has received somewhat of a backlash from his own fans over his political views: “I’ve had a little pushback, but only from people who masturbate to Lee Greenwood songs. Our country is not perfect, and I refuse to stand and give that credence any bullshit. It’s not true. Yet these people think that there are no flaws in it. If you can’t at least admit that there are issues, how the fuck are you gonna fix the issue?”

Meanwhile, Taylor recently discussed why he opened up about being sexually abused as a child and has issued an update on Slipknot’s next album.

On new Slipknot music, Taylor said: “I’m a bum you out, we aint’ doing shit right now. I’m just saying, we’re not really doing anything right now. I know we’re kind of slowly starting to write some music, other than that we’re just kinda taking some time off, Clown’s gonna direct some movies, Sid’s gonna do some stuff, we’re all kinda doing our own thing.”


“The next year is kinda everybody doing their own thing, and then probably after that we will slowly but surely start to get together to do some Slipknot stuff,” he added.