Corey Taylor working with horror FX specialist for new Slipknot mask


Corey Taylor has enlisted an acclaimed horror special effects artist to make his new Slipknot mask.

The Slipknot frontman is working with Tom Savini (Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Friday 13th) for his next design.

Speaking on the Let There Be Talk podcast, Taylor said: “He’s the godfather to me.”


“[I] got to hang out with him, got to talk with him. Met him through a friend who actually works with him. And the three of us were kind of developing this new mask together so I’m kind of fucking chuffed on that.”

The singer has previously worked with Japanese special effects artist Screaming Mad George on his ‘Iowa’ and ‘Vol. 3’ masks, but has joined forced with an array of other artists in the years since.

A picture of Taylor and Savini was shared on his Instagram in September last year but no other images have been shared showing the mask’s progress.

He added on the podcast that the mask is still “bare bones” because because it’s more to do with what he’s going to be doing underneath it.


Meanwhile, a laundry expert tasked with cleaning the clothes of legendary musicians has revealed that Slipknot’s outfits have been his biggest challenge to date.

Hans-Jürgen Topf, the founder of Rock ’n’ Roll Laundry, said the band’s costumes had been “sprayed with beer, cream and fake blood, and left in garbage bags for three days.”