Cornelius web chat 13/4/99

What follows is a pretty raw and ready unedited transcript of yesterday’s webchat with Cornelius. We’ll clean it up over the next few days correct spellings etc – but here it is pretty much as was.

[17:46:47] Gary – Do you read NME or Melody Maker?Cornelius

NME. Obviously. [17:46:26] josh – was ‘star fruit surf rider’ inspired by the old primal scream b-side?



Yes. The title was anyway. [17:45:55] The Preacher – Do you think Merzbow records are the stuff of pure EVIL?Cornelius

It’s a joke! [17:45:07] charlton_heston – Mercury Rev or Radiohead?Cornelius

I liked See You On The Other Side…radiohead, I ilked OK Computer [17:44:25] Korneelius – Do you believe in re-incarnation?Cornelius

Yeah [17:43:53] charlton – any chance of working with pizzicato 5 again?



Not at the moment but I would like to [17:43:26] wiseblood – Are you friends with Melt BananaCornelius

I’ve seen them live but I don’t know them [17:43:02] Bonehead – What was your fave oasis album?Cornelius

The first one [17:42:41] GeneralKnowledgeman – What is the capital of Peru?Cornelius

Lima [17:42:24] King Chicken – Why do Japanese music buyers like rubbish like Bis and Whiteout?Cornelius

Whiteout? No idea [17:41:40] gout – have you seen The Matrix, cornelius?Cornelius

Yes, if it’s the experimental movie… [17:41:05] roygbiv – Do you like Squarepusher? Cornelius

I like SP, I liked the remix he did for Ninja Tune [17:40:27] The Undertaker – Who is your favourite WWF wrestler?Cornelius

Brodie. Obviously. [17:40:11] Jemiah – Are you going to tour in the US again anytime soon?Cornelius

No plans at the moment [17:39:42] viktor_mature – do you think beat takeshi lost it after starring in johnny pneumonia with keanu reeves


I like old Takeshi stuff…he definitely lost it after that. [17:38:58] j-rock – I’ve got both CM and Fm, how do you feel about the remixes of your tunes and how was it that you hooked up with Damon Albarn?Cornelius

I’ve never met himn personally, but he like Fantasma and he wanted to do one of my remixes [17:37:55] The Preacher – Do you listen to any classical composers?Cornelius

Mozart’s birtyhday is the same as mine…and I listen to Beethoven [17:37:10] Rick – Who would you like to see direct and star in a new Planet of the Apes movie ?Cornelius

I heard maybe Schwarzenegger was going to do one. Maybe Tim Burton would be a good director. [17:36:07] The Preacher – Who do you think is the coolest Beastie boy?Cornelius

They’re great when they’re all together…but they’ve got great balance togetrher…a great triangle! [17:34:25] charlton – have you heard the new tricatel album?Cornelius:

My friend Kaji will be recording w/tRICATEL’S Betrrand. I’ve got the album but haven’t listened to it yet [17:33:00] wiseblood – Do you like Pere Ubu?Cornelius:

Yeah [17:32:49] charlton – whats Kahimi Karie up to? and why hasnt she released a record in britain yet?Cornelius:

She lives in Paris and she hasn’t signed to a UK label

…I’m sure she wants to [17:31:46] charlton – what can we expect from the next album?Cornelius:

Don’t know yet. I have to go and make it [17:31:05] jack – why do you like old technology?Cornelius:

I like the sound and it’s easy to operate [17:30:27] wiseblood – Do you ever chat on the net (apart from things like this?) where do you go if you do?Cornelius:

Sometimes I enter my homepage’s chat room [17:29:51] J – Do you like football….if so, do you think Portsmouth and AEK Athens will ever make a European cup final together?Cornelius:

No idea [17:29:25] Hirano – What do you think of’GOTH'(e.g.BAUHAUS)Cornelius:

I liked Goth in High School…maybe I’ll listen to Bauhaus when I get back [17:28:39] gout – Cornelius – MORE work with MOMUS!! will this happen?? ^_^Cornelius:

Momus has got a concept where if someboidy pays him 100000 Yen, he will do a song for them. I’ve paid him and you can hear it on Momus’s web site [17:27:05] B is theBloodType – Will you be making an English language website?Cornelius:

I tried to put out English reviews…Trattoria’s website is in English. [17:26:05] The Preacher – which are you most happy with FM or CM?Cornelius :

I’m happy with both I’m happy that people ask me to do remixes and having people remix my songs. [17:24:47] Tony J H Hung – Are you going to make a short film with Nigo?Cornelius:

No, but I’ve just finished ,making an album with Nigo (Nigo is my friend from A Bathing Ape)the album includes Beastie Boys,m Money Mark and UNKLE [17:23:07] Kevin Shields – What do you think of my remixes?

Do you think I’d do any old shit for the cash?Cornelius :

The remix is great but you should mnake a new record pretty soon. [17:22:17] charlton – Why diddnt you release cm/fm as a double cdCornelius:

It was too long for one CD, but I group it together with Fantasma so it becoimes sort of like the Star Wars trilogy. [17:20:31] Loopie Luce – If you where born again with the choice, would you be male or female?Cornelius:

Female. Obviously! [17:19:24] wiseblood – Why did you choose the Pastels on the remix albums, are you fan of Scottish indie like BMX Bandits etc?Cornelius:

The Pastels I liked from when I was a teenager and they asked for me to do the remix and I was happy to do it. BMX Bandits… we were inviited to appear on Duglas’s programme in Scotland Beat Room [17:17:32] Samuel – Do you like Bis? Would you ever want o work with them?Cornelius:

I like Bis. Ive played with Manda Rin and appeared on a TV shgow wityh her in Japan [17:16:40] alicia – What’s your favourite Beach Boys and Beatles songs? Who’s better?Cornelius:

‘Meant For You’ The Beatles ‘I Am The Walrus’ I preferred The Beach Boys

[17:15:24] Loopie Luce – What’s your favourite track out at the moment?Cornelius:

Shuggie Otis ‘Happy House’ [17:14:42] Crum – Favourite Cocktail?Cornelius:

A slow confortable screw… [17:13:08] Aaron Scullion – What do you think of Brian Molko from Placebo…?Cornelius:

Never heard of him. [17:12:28] The Preacher – What’s your favourite city?Cornelius:

Athens [17:12:03] Yolanda – Get many groupies? Open to offers baby?Cornelius:

Never met any. [17:11:42] Tony J H Hung – What are your favourite record sleeves?Cornelius:

Iron Maiden. The first album anyway! [17:10:21] Michael – Any plans for live in greece ?


Obviously! [17:09:57] The Preacher – Have you heard Eminem, do you think he’s any good?Cornelius: >

Never heard him [17:09:19] Jemiah – where can I get a Cornelius watch?!Cornelius:

Search the internet for the Seiko homepage. [17:08:42] Tony J H Hung – Sneakers or Shoes?Cornelius:

Shoes! Clarks! [17:08:10] Aaron Scullion – What do you think of Digital Hardcore and the music the label produces..?Cornelius:

I love it/them…headbanging video sespecially. [17:07:23] Future Boy – What do you think of the comparisons to Beck?Cornelius:

I love Beck…I visited him at his HUGE house in LA… he lives Dave Lee Roth (he was out) [17:05:57] Rich – Are you going to produce a Cornelious toy (like the Money Mark/Uncle ones)?Cornelius:

A Cornelius watch has recently come out. I was sent one today [17:05:07] jack – what do you think of The Bordems, buffalo daughter/? r there any other japanese bands i should know about?


They’re all good friends. Takako Minekawa, whose second album Buffalo Daughter produced and whose third album I have just produced, is an interesting…greeat album. Also Yoshinori Sunahara [17:03:00] Anton Lavey – What do you think of the Star Wars trailer? Do you hold out any hopes for the film?Cornelius:

I love Star Wars, esp Chewwy! I’m definitely looking forwards to it. [17:02:05] Elio – Are you going to do Reading this year?Cornelius:

I’d like to, but I think I’ll be recording. [17:01:35] pedro – i suggest you go down the pub and drink 8 pints of tetley and then a few whiskeys and go out for an English…..Cornelius:

We’re doing that next! [17:01:00] SpitTheDog – Do you drive??? If so what car do you own???Cornelius:

No. I have a moped! [17:00:32] Noel – What do you think of the new Blur record?

Have you seen Damon recently? How is he?


I liked the new alkbum. I’ve never met Damon, but I’ve just finished remixing Tender, which will be out soon? [16:59:27] Tony – Will it be possible to get hold of your collectable items, such as the Moonwalk cassette single, 96 69 on vinyl & the FM CM clear vinyl editions?Cornelius:

Try and check out Japanese internet sites…net shopping is probably the nest way. you might get lucky. [16:57:38] Tony J H Hung – Are you going to make a heavy metal record?Cornelius:

I’ve already done one. that’s enough.

[16:56:52] Matt Phare – What are your favourite trainers at the moment?Cornelius:

Clarks! [16:56:27] Peter Sotos – Would you remix Britney Spears?Cornelius:

Britney Spears? [16:56:05] Wheelerboy – You’ve done a lot of remixes for highly credible artists. However, have you have you ever turned down any offers and where would you draw the line?Cornelius:

I turned down Depeche Mode’#s remix vbcause I was too busy. Also tuened Super Furry Animals. I wanted to do them both. [16:54:57] Tony – Are you to produce your own line of clothing?Cornelius:

No, because my friend makes good clothes (A Bathing Ape) [16:53:38] Boyd Rice – What’s your favourite Planet Of The Apes movie?Cornelius:

First one and the last one [16:52:43] Paperback rioter – Who would you most like to cover one of your choons?Cornelius:

Ozzy Osbourne. (of course) [16:51:43] Nodge – On the recent remix cd “FM”, who did the best job? Cornelius:

They’re all good, but esp. High Llamas and Pastels and Coldcut [16:51:01] Richard – Are the Fantasma 3D specs & Programme going to be available in Britain?Cornelius:

Hopefull y you’ll be able to get them thru my website soon ( will put a link to this after trhe cvhat is over) [16:49:45] Richard – What’s your favourite LP of all time?Cornelius:

Too many to choose from [16:49:09] Tony – ARE YOU GOING TO BRING THE WORLD WIDE BAPE HEADS SHOW TO THE UK?Cornelius:

It would be great if we can, but no plans for now. [16:46:50] SpitTheDog – How do you think the internet will change the face of modern music???Cornelius:

I’m sure it will change it a lot…it will increase recording interchange between countries. Sony are planning to sell songs ion the internet for a pound a song…but I’m siure that packaged CDs will still continue to sell [16:44:23] pedro – do you prefer traditional japanese cuisine and Sacki or traditional English Sunday roast and a pint of Tetley?Cornelius:

I’m afraid I hate British food, but I;’m not a big fan of saki either…is food at home better than in the restaurants? Maybe I’d like to try our some home cooking. [16:42:30] Glitterbox – Who are your favourite bands at the moment? Do you like MogwaiCornelius :

I definitely like Mogwai…other bands that I like inc. Dymaxion, Mellow (a French band), Hood…. [16:40:53] Antonin Gaultier – hi there Cornelius! it’s Antonin from Paris. I’ve heard your new track ‘lazy’ it’s incredible! are you planning to release a new album soon?Cornelius:

I’m going to start working onm it after this tour…it should be out next year If you check out my web site Trattoria you’ll be able to check out the compilation album which includes Lazy [16:38:38] tensai – Any plans to collaborate with Takako Uehara?Cornelius:

If she wants to. [16:37:58] carlos – do you like brazilian music?Cornelius:

Yes very much [16:37:41] Robert Shaw – What’s your favourite word?Cornelius:

Apeshallneverkillape [16:35:20] – What are you up to?Cornelius:

I start touring in France in a couple of days …then we have dates in Belgium and the rest are in England. The set is similar to those from the prev. tour of US & US. 4 piece band with a video projector as the fifthy member…a cross between Black Sabbath and Devo. I’ve also bought a Bon Jovi modelo guitar which I’m very proud of. [16:30:39] Anon – Who do you prefer: the Smiths or The Sex Pistols?

[16:32:18] Cornelius – Definitely…The Jesus and Mary And Chain