Atomic Kitten's Jenny Frost will say 'Brr!' at her wedding, and Andrea Corr won't disappear under the furniture...

The Corrs have challenged Liam Gallagher to a drinking contest.

Andrea Corr, front woman singer of the all-family singing band, told the Daily Star (November 26) that she could drink Liam “under the table”.

The news has come as a shock to both chair and table makers all over the place, many of whom have never met Andrea but are familiar with her picture.

“I don’t believe you,” said one. “She’d never say such a thing. It’s just not like her. She knows the remark is just an idle boast. Imagine saying such a thing! What will her family think? I’ve known Andrea Corr for almost 40 years and I’ve never heard her talk like that. I can’t imagine Liam would be too pleased either. He doesn’t like that sort of old dirty chat.

“Andrea had better watch herself and her loose tongue or perhaps join a convent. You’d never hear Sinead O’Connor talking like that – she’s a priest now, you know; but I prefer to think of her as a manly nun (like most of them, I suppose). Andrea really has taken things a step too far. It’s deplorable.”

Elsewhere, Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost has revealed that she is keen to get married to her long-term future husband in her underwear. However, the man in question is not happy at all, reports the Daily Star.

“It’s just that if she does it he’ll feel obliged to do it as well,” said a fan. “Jenny looks very well in her underwear, but he looks bloody stupid. And he thinks his family might think he’s a bit of a weirdo if he shows up in a bra. Jenny says she doesn’t care because it’s her day and he can wear whatever she decides but he’s putting his foot down on this one. It’s causing all sorts of problems in their long-term relationship. She keeps saying that he’s making it sound like a letter on a newspaper problem page and he laughs nervously. And then she starts to get mad and shouts that the wedding is off forever and that he’s spoiling her entire life by being selfish and giggling like a girl. It’s a fraught time for both of them and me as a fan. I don’t want to talk about it, thanks. Frankly, its none of your business.”

Meanwhile, Spice Girl Baby Emma is pictured in The Sun sitting in front of the Sydney Opera House. She is there on holiday with her big forehead.

The Mirror’s Three Girls today reveal that that Spice Girl Mel C is going out with someone and is pleased.