Who'd have guessed it - and it also turns out that violinist Sharon, a Catholic, is pro-choice too...

CORRS violinist SHARON has sparked controversy in her native Ireland by calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis and coming out as pro-choice in the abortion debate.

Sharon told Irish music magazine Hot Press that she saw “people with certain conditions can get a brief reprieve from their symptoms through cannabis”.

She went on “I think it definitely should be available to them and it


shouldn’t be criminal for them to take it at all. There are good sides and bad

sides to it – there’s something in cannabis that can inhibit your sense of

reality. It’s a form of escapism and sometimes I think you can escape too much with it. But if it’s going to be legalised, I think there should be a lot of

information made available to the public, especially to children.”

Corr, the eldest of the three sisters in the band, added she was also torn between the traditional Catholic doctrine that abortion was wrong with a belief that in certain situations, women should have the right to choose.

“I’m always in two minds about that. But I do feel it’s wrong to take the life of an unborn child, I really do.


“However, I feel that women in a very difficult situation, who are not equipped to deal with pregnancy either due to their age or who are victims of rape, should have that choice. So I suppose I am pro-choice.”

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