Andrea Corr's ear infection has prevented the band from flying...

THE CORRS have cancelled their tour dates in AUSTRALIA and ASIA due to singer ANDREA CORR being unable to travel because of an ear infection.

And the Irish singing family will also be forced to miss out on the Grammy Awards at Los Angeles Staples Center tomorrow (February 21), where they have been nominated for an award.

The illness had already forced the band to cancel a number of dates in the UK, and four different ear specialists are reported to have advised her not to travel.

[url=]www.showbizireland.com quotes a spokesperson for the band as saying: “Andrea’s ear infection meant that she could not fly over long distances such as to Asia or Australasia where they were due to perform. So she has had to take the month off and the band will perform again on March 16 at New York Radio City.”

In other Corrs news, Sharon has announced that she is to wed boyfriend Robert Bonner in Ireland on June 9 or 16. The ceremony will take place in the Lady of Wayside Church in Kilternan, just outside Dublin.