Cosey Fanni Tutti announces new album ‘Delia Derbyshire: The Myths And The Legendary Tapes’

The upcoming soundtrack collection has been previewed by a trippy instrumental, 'Psychedelic Projections'

Cosey Fanni Tutti has announced a new album called ‘Delia Derbyshire: The Myths And The Legendary Tapes’.

The 15-song collection serves as the official soundtrack to Caroline Catz’ acclaimed 2020 film of the same name, which offered an “intimate portrayal” of the late composer, musician and sonic experimentalist Delia Derbyshire.

Fanni Tutti explained of the project: “The compositions are inspired by my research of the Delia Derbyshire audio archive, Delia’s original compositional notes and techniques which in combination with my admiration and love of Delia’s work provided a way to integrate her style and approach to music with my own. An alliance of our sensibilities.”


To preview the upcoming record, the avant-garde artist has shared the trippy, one-minute-30-second-track ‘Psychedelic Projections’ – you can listen to it below.

Additionally, the upcoming album will feature a range of “audio explorations and experiments” that eventually led Fanni Tutti to the final soundtrack for the Delia Derbyshire film.

‘Delia Derbyshire: The Myths And The Legendary Tapes’ is set for release on September 16 via the artist’s own record label, Conspiracy International. A digital edition will also be available as a Dolby ATMOS mix via Apple Music.

You can pre-order the physical versions here and see the full tracklist below.

1. ‘Cornet Lament’
2. ‘Four Bebe’
3. ‘Sirens’
4. ‘Delia Tones’
5. ‘Animals’
6. ‘Psychedelic Projections’
7. ‘Reverse Adrenalin’
8. ‘Snuff Chorus’
9. ‘Cosmic Static Noise Wasps’
10. ‘An Individualist’
11. ‘Ceiling of Sickening Sound’
12. ‘Dream Dinner Party’
13. ‘Guitar (Twickenham Studio 3)’
14. ‘Labyrinthine’
15. ‘Tatum Ergo’


On August 18, Cosey Fanni Tutti will release a new book that is “intrinsically linked” to her forthcoming album. The companion piece – titled RE-SISTERS: The Lives and Recordings of Delia Derbyshire, Margery Kempe and Cosey Fanni Tutti – sees the artist explain her creative process while offering an invaluable insight into her artistic life.

You can pre-order RE-SISTERS… here.

Cosey Fanni Tutti’s latest solo album, ‘TUTTI’, came out in 2019 – marking her first full-length project in 37 years.

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