Country musician John Prine remains “very ill” in coronavirus battle

The longstanding country musician has spent over a week in intensive care

Country singer John Prine, who has been in intensive care for over a week after contracting COVID-19, remains “very ill,” according to his wife Fiona.

Prine, 73, was hospitalised last Thursday (March 26) after a “sudden onset” of coronavirus symptoms, with his status initially described as “critical”. On March 30, he was described as “stable”, but Fiona warned that it was not the same as “improving”.

In a new update on his condition today (April 3), Fiona wrote on Twitter: “This is John’s 8th day in ICU. He is receiving excellent medical care and being treated with kindness and compassion by the entire team looking after him day and night. I cannot be with him which makes this nightmare all the more distressing.”

Prine is currently on a ventilator, has pneumonia in both lungs, and “still needs quite a bit of help with his breathing. He has also developed “peripheral issues that are being treated with meds, including antibiotics”.

“I don’t have the words to adequately thank you for the outpouring of love and prayers that John and our family have received this last week,” she continued.

“Please continue to send Love, Prayers and Positive Energy to John. He needs us now more than ever. John loves you and I love you too.”

John Prine
John Prine CREDIT: Rich Fury/Getty Images

A number of other musicians have shared that they have also contracted coronavirus in the past weeks.

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien said that he “most probably” has coronavirus, while Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan, songwriter Andrew Watt, and a member of Australian heavy rock band Ocean Grove all revealed that they have also been infected.

New Orleans DJ Black N Mild recently died after contracting the virus earlier this month.

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