Courtney Barnett says recording a new song with The Breeders is ‘a total fan girl moment’

Singer tells NME their duet is 'cool, weird and awesome'

Courtney Barnett has spoken of her delight at featuring on a new song by The Breeders.

Barnett recorded backing vocals on a song for The Breeders’ new album while she was touring near their studio in Ohio in June.

Barnett told NME: “Singing with The Breeders was a total fan girl moment. It’s crazy that I’m on a Breeders song. My contribution is tiny: you wouldn’t know it’s me. But I know it’s me and it’s amazing that it’s happened .”

Asked to describe their song, Barnett said: “It sounds like The Breeders – cool, weird and awesome.”

Speaking to NME before her show at Latitude, Barnett said she was only now feeling comfortable with playing festivals.

Barnett said: “I used to think you could only play your faster, louder songs at festivals. I thought you had to grab people’s attention and only play the poppies, more infectious songs.”

She added: “For ages, I didn’t play ‘Kim’s Caravan’ at festivals, as it’s so slow and dark. But people love that song, and now I realise the ebb and flow of a festival show is really important. My songs have changed so much since I started playing them live anyway. I inject them with different energy and different frustrations over time.”