Courtney Barnett teams up with Archie Roach on ‘Charcoal Lane’ cover

Track was recorded with original producer Paul Kelly

Courtney Barnett has teamed up with Paul Kelly to cover Archie Roach single ‘Charcoal Lane’.

The two Melbourne natives decided to mark the 25th anniversary of Archie Roach’s album of the same name, first released in 1990. The reissue of the album is being released on November 6 and features Barnett’s cover, recorded with the album’s original co-producer Paul Kelly.

Other artists featured on the reissue include Dewayne Everettsmith, Emma Donovan and Dan Sultan. Barnett and Kelly’s take on the song can be heard via Pitchfork.

The politically motivated ‘Charcoal Lane’ was released in 1990 and addressed the indigenous struggle prominent in Australia at the time. Album track ‘Took The Children Away’ documents Roach’s own experience of being an aboriginal child taken away from his parents to be placed with a white family. Roach became the first songwriter to be given a Human Rights Achievement Award.

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Courtney Barnett recently cleared up at the Australian Independent Music Awards, winning awards in every category she was nominated for. Having recently toured the US with Blur, she’s now in Japan playing live.

Meanwhile, Barnett’s debut album ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit’ will be reissued on November 6. The deluxe edition will feature a number of unreleased live takes recorded at New York’s Electric Lady Studios, as well as Barnett’s Record Store Day cover of John Cale’s ‘Close Watch’.

The release will also include a poster of the album artwork and four polaroid photos taken by Barnett herself. It will be available as a boxset, limited edition LP and digital collection.