Courtney Barnett says her next album might be ‘just me and a piano’

Barnett says her new record is set be darker and more melancholy

Courtney Barnett says her next album is set to be darker and more melancholy than her breakthrough album ‘Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit’.

Talking to NME, Barnett said that she has “half-written” her second album as she finishes touring her debut.

Barnett said: “One day I hate everything I’ve written, the next it seems alright. When I get home from touring, I’ll be able to think about it logically. So far, the new songs are a general reflection on the meaning of life, our purpose for being here and all that rubbish. I’ve been writing on piano a lot. It’s darker and more melancholy, probably as a reflection on politics.”


Barnett said she tries “to be a pessimistic optimist” about politics and that most of her new songs are “half-written”. Barnett said: “I’m really bad at decision making. For me, finishing a song takes so much more effort than starting one. I’ve got some good half-songs for the next record, and maybe they’ll turn into great full songs.”

Barnett is due to finish touring ‘Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit’ on November 19 with a show in Mexico. Asked if her backing band would feature on the new album, Barnett said: “I don’t know. It could just be an album with me and a piano, so who knows? If I knew how the album was going to sound so far in advance, I wouldn’t bother recording it. But I love those guys, they’re the greatest musicians.”

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