Courtney Love: ‘Britney Spears is going the same way as Marilyn Monroe’

But could Orlando Bloom could prove an unlikely saviour?

Courtney Love has compared Britney Spears’ current troubles to actress Marilyn Monroe’s demise – and has warned something bad could happen to the singer.

The former Hole frontwoman claimed that the star’s troubles, which have seen her taken to hospital for evaluation at her psychiatrist’s request, reminded her of the Hollywood legend’s demise.

“Here is what’s gonna happen if she doesn’t get help – something very, very bad is going to happen,” Love told Access Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe was strapped to a gurney too, but other then me and Britney, no one else has ever been strapped to a gurney.”

She added: “I know the exactitudes of what’s going on, having been there.”

Love said that rehab could work for Spears, as it had worked for her.

“You know, I was in rehab, what was that, three-and-a-half years ago now? And it worked,” she explained, revealing an unlikely source behind her success: ’Lord Of The Rings’ actor Orlando Bloom, after he introduced her to Buddhist chanting.

“I love Orlando for this,” Love explained. “He doesn’t mind being outed [as a Buddhist]. I don’t mind talking about it because it has changed my entire life, changed everything — restructured my body, restructured my physicality. Truly I can, not all the time, but I can take joy at really shitty situations.”

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