Courtney Love denies ‘scrapping’ album

She claims new record will be finished by mid-July

Courtney Love has denied reports that she has scrapped her new album.

The singer claimed that some rearrangements and retakes were being made, but that the work she has done with collaborators Linda Perry and Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan still remains.

Writing on her MySpace blog, Love said: “No ‘scrapping’ is going on, simply a few retakes – especially since all those recordings were leaked onto the net and I knew if we played some of those songs live that would happen – so rearrangements on a couple of things have happened.

“Don’t assume you know any songs on this album, some may sound somewhat familiar or even have the same titles and arrangements [on] a few. A few are just precious diamonds I wouldn’t touch but there’s tons of new ones which you have not a clue about – I know ’cause I haven’t finished lyrics and I’m days away.”

Love also explained that the album, set to be titled ‘Nobody’s Daughter’, will be handed into her record label by mid-July at the latest.