Courtney Love sued for $1 million

Firm says she owes them money for Nirvana sale

Courtney Love is being sued by a Los Angeles-based business management company that says she didn’t pay them a share of profits she made after selling a portion Nirvana’s publishing catalogue.

Former Hole front woman Love is the widow of Kurt Cobain, and inherited control of the rights to Nirvana’s work after his death in 1994.

The company London & Co. says that Love broke a verbal contract in which she promised to share 5 percent of any of her earnings, or earnings from her company The End Of Music after selling Cobain’s share of Nirvana’s publishing catalogue for almost $20 million in 2006.

The five-page suit says that Love formed her company to manage Cobain’s intellectual property, including his career with Nirvana, says the Associated Press. According to the suit, Love owes the company $975,00.

–By our New York staff.

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