Courtney Love talks about Christmas with Cobain

Singer tells of seasonal hunt for drugs

Courtney Love has discussed her Christmases spent with ex-husband and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

Love has revealed how she spent a Christmas with Cobain on a hunt for dope.

She told NME.COM: “We spent one Christmas at the Inn At The Market (a hotel in Seattle) and another Christmas at the Four Seasons – we spent Christmases in hotels. And it was really challenging because even the dope dealers take Christmas off. Well, not all the dope dealers…

Kurt had this friend called Dylan and I found Dylan one Christmas hiding in my basement. Dylan had found a dope dealer. But, y’know, we were a family with a new born, so other than dope – which was just a part of our lives, it was almost like medicine in terms of Kurt’s stomach condition – it wasn’t really what you’d call a ‘celebrity lifestyle’.”

The singer added that she and Cobain liked to give each other lavish gifts.

She said: “We made a lot of art for each other and wrote songs for each other – more creative kinds of gifts.”