Courtney Love’s probation ends early

Former Hole singer cries tears of joy in court

Courtney Love had her probation for drug and assault charges dismissed early by a US judge yesterday (December 11).

The former Hole star, who was wearing a black suit and white blouse as she arrived at Los Angeles Superior Court with her manager Peter Asher and lawyer Howard Weitzman, broke down in tears as she thanked Judge Rand Rubin for sparing her jail time.

She said: “Thank you for not taking me into custody. Thank you for giving me an opportunity. You’ve been a good, fair judge. Sorry for crying.”

The judge commended Love for her commitment to her rehab programme.

He added: “Early on in this case, Ms Love, I think you came very close to coming into custody. I think you’ve done very well. You’ve shown to me you are interested in a much less destructive lifestyle.”

Her probation for drugs charges was set to expire next month, and in 2008 for assault.

Love violated her probation for illegal possession of painkillers, for being under the influence of a controlled substance and for assault and battery, and was sentenced in September 2005 to 180 days at a drug rehab centre.

She had pleaded no contest in February 2005 to claims that she assaulted musician Kristin King, whom she found sleeping on the couch at her former boyfriend and manager’s house.

Speaking to US Weekly magazine outside the court, Love said: “I just want to put all this stuff behind me. It’s so last year.”

–By our New York staff.

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