Courtney Love makes live return

The former-Hole singer plays 'secret' show in Los Angeles

Courtney Love performed four songs off her upcoming album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ at The House of Blues in Los Angeles last night (June 1).

Rather than performing a full set, Love came on as a “special guest” in the middle of a show by her collaborator and producer Linda Perry.

After Perry had played a short set of her own material, she joked that she’d happened upon a promising artist, saying: “She’s got a cool name and a rock star thing going (on).”

Love then marched on stage in skinny black stretch pants, heels, a tight tank top, and loose black suspenders.

Linda discovered me at Guitar Center because I’m such a genius on guitar,” she joked before kicking off her set with the title track of ‘Nobody’s Daughter’.

With Perry featuring on Love’s upcoming album as co-songwriter and co-producer, the former 4 Non Blondes singer also took on the role of co-frontwoman at the gig, singing along and strumming an acoustic guitar during Love’s songs.

This allowed Love to leave the music to the backing band, which included a string section, and instead she concentrated on her vocals.

She clutched her mic stand and assumed expert rock star poses, headbanging a number of times and dropping to her knees. On her final song she reached out one hand to fans as she led them in a call and response.

James Blunt, who has also worked with Perry, watched the show from the balcony, although the likes of Rick Rubin and Gwyneth Paltrow who were on the guest list did not turn up.

After her final song, Love embraced Perry from behind, giving her collaborator’s breasts an affectionate squeeze, before she made her way into the wings and watched as Perry wrapped up her show.