Courtney Love declines Miley Cyrus collaboration: ‘We wouldn’t be a good match’

The pair recently went for coffee in Los Angeles

Courtney Love has stated that she wouldn’t been interested in collaborating with Miley Cyrus as she doesn’t feel they would be a “good match”.

Love described meeting the pop star, who recently worked with The Flaming Lips, in a new interview with Citizens Of Humanity magazine.

“Twitter is an amazing thing, because people follow each other and they can make friends,” Love is quoted as saying.

“Miley Cyrus asked me to like come and have a drink with her at the Chateau [Marmont, Los Angeles restaurant], so I went and had coffee with her. I ended up taking her over to Brett Ratner’s, who’s basically my best friend in town.”

The singer adds: “Miley, when she had Hannah Montana, had already done a video with Brett, and Brett’s house is like the equivalent of your mom’s in a way in LA. It’s like a salon – you go over to Brett’s house, you never know who you’re going to meet. Michel Gondry could be there or like porn stars from the Valley. It’s really fun. You never know who’s going to be at Brett’s house – it’s awesome.”

However, she stated that they didn’t spend their time together working on music. She said: “I have not made any music with Miley Cyrus. I don’t know that that would be a good match, but she’s really put together and smart. I liked her a lot.”


A judge recently dismissed efforts in Seattle to release photos of Kurt Cobain’s death scene. Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean had previously aimed to stop the release of the images, citing the emotional and psychological harm they would cause.

Richard Lee, a TV host in Seattle, wanted the police to release the official death scene photographs, claiming that they will prove that Cobain was murdered.

The Seattle Times reports that King County Superior Court Judge Theresa Doyle dismissed Lee’s lawsuit over a failure to correctly follow official procedure.

Doyle ruled Lee had failed to give Seattle enough time to respond to his request and improperly served his lawsuit. The public access TV host has said he’ll try another records request and sue again if unsuccessful.