The star reflects on her eventful week in New York during her show at the Bowery Ballroom...

Courtney Love has just finished a gig at the NEW YORK BOWERY BALLROOM – where she spoke for the first time about yesterday’s dramatic arrest.

As previously reported, Courtney Love was arrested after a secret gig at New York’s Plaid nightclub on Wednesday (March 17).

The star is facing charges of reckless endangerment and third-degree assault after a mic stand was allegedly thrown into the audience, striking a member of the crowd.

A nightclub spokesperson claimed the stand hit a 24-year-old man in the head, who suffered minor injuries. Unaware of what had happened the band continued, but the star was greeted by police when she came off the stage.

Last night (March 18) Courtney Love was back playing live at the larger Bowery Ballroom.

According to fans at the gig, Love came out before the show and said “If any of you are planning on getting injured, please go outside and get yourself arrested now.”

After the first song, she added: “I’m losing my voice. Jail does that to you.”

Fans say that the singer complained about her voice, and at one point gestured to a roadie and said: “I want that thing I kill people with. A mic stand.”

The star’s trip to New York has been eventful, almost from her arrival. Courtney Love also performed and was interviewed on David Letterman to promote her current solo album ’America’s Sweetheart’.

During the interview Courtney Love appeared to bare her chest away from the camera while standing on Letterman’s desk.

In the UK her latest single, ’Mono’ was released last Monday (March 15).