The star gets into trouble with the law again...

Courtney Love has reportedly been arrested after a secret gig in NEW YORK.

CNN news reports that the star was arrested last night (March 18) for alleged reckless endangerment after a mic stand was thrown into the audience, striking a member of the crowd.

Following an eventful appearance on the US chat show Late Show With David Letterman Courtney Love turned up at New York club Plaid for a secret gig.

A nightclub spokesperson claimed that a stand was thrown into the audience and hit a 24-year-old man in the head, who suffered minor injuries. Unaware of what had happened the band continued, but the star was arrested when she came off the stage.

The spokeswoman said that Love “felt terrible” about what had happened. She claimed: “It was pretty bloody. No one really knew while she was performing that this happened. She wasn’t aware and did a few more songs. He worked his way through the crowd to the door and security called the ambulance.”

Courtney Love is said to have called her lawyer before being taken to the ninth precinct in the East Village and charged with reckless endangerment. It’s currently unclear if more charges will be brought.

Earlier in the evening Courtney Love performed and was interviewed on David Letterman to promote her current solo album ’America’s Sweetheart’. She also made a rare TV appearance with her new band, performing second single ’Hold On To Me’.

During the interview Courtney Love appeared to bare her chest away from the camera while standing on Letterman’s desk.

Courtney Love is scheduled to appear tonight at the larger Bowery Ballroom (March 18).

In the UK her latest single, ’Mono’ was released last Monday (March 15).