The news emerges the same day she fails to show up in court in LA...

COURTNEY LOVE has been admitted to hospital on the same day she was branded a fugitive when she failed to turn up for a court appearance.

The former Hole frontwoman, was due to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday morning to face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

The charge stems from an incident on April 25, where Love is accused of striking a woman with a metal flashlight and a bottle.

Love’s lawyer Michael Rosenstein told reporters outside the courtroom that he did not know why the singer was not in attendance after having counseled her late Thursday evening to fly out for the arraignment.

“I just presume she didn’t have an opportunity to get on a late flight,” he said.

Later in the day though, press reports emrged claiming Love had been rushed to hospital suffering from what her lawyer described as “gynecological” problems.

Rosenstein added:”It is not a suicide attempt, not drug-related, not drug-overdose related. It’s a gynecological medical condition for which she is receiving treatment. This is all thirdhand, I have not spoken with her since last night, when she complained of medical problems, had not seen doctor and as a result the situation was exacerbated.”

Following Love’s no show, the judge ruled she would forfeit the $55,000 bail the singer posted when she was arrested. He then issued a bench warrant for her arrest and set her new bail amount at $150,000.