The star makes the latest in a string of court appearances...

Courtney Love’s preliminary hearing on two felony counts of drug possession in LOS ANGELES was postponed for a fifth time yesterday, amid heated discussion and bizarre courtroom antics.

The two charges stem from events in the early hours of October 2 and specifically accuse Courtney Love of illegally possessing Oxycondone and Hydrocondone.

Courtney Love arrived in the Beverly Hills courtroom at 10.24 AM, with newly shorn, shoulder-length hair, a sea-green sweater and a multicolored flower dress, almost two hours after her case had originally been called by Judge Elden S. Fox.

The prosecutor, Jeff Stodel said he was ready to lay out his evidence in the case, and three officers involved in the incident were present and ready to give testimony.

But Courtney Love’s recently acquired legal counsel Michael Rosentein requested the Judge grant an additional thirty day extension for his case and to conduct independent drug tests on the pills the prosecution has in evidence.

As the two opposing counsels argued over the proposed postponement, Courtney Love pointed to her brown handbag and exclaimed, “I have them on me! I have the pill bottles on me.” Her law team appeared to try and quiet her, prompting the singer to exclaim, “They’re fired.”

Following the in-court dismissal, the lawyers briefly grew quiet and Fox warned the singer she wasn’t helping her case by speaking up, to which she promptly replied, “They’re hired.”

Rosenstein continued his plea for the additional extension saying, “we have out of state witness and I’ve [only] been in this case for thirty days … there is good legal cause to continue this hearing … there is the possibility of a perfect defence.”

Fox quickly shut down the attorney’s boast saying “let’s not get too dramatic counsel.”

Fox eventually granted the extension until April 15 and then called the lawyers to his bench.

The case appeared to be concluded and reporters filed out, but Courtney Love’s legal team returned to the courtroom shortly thereafter as the Judge ordered that an LA City Crime Lab Officer be present during the independent testing of the pills.

Courtney Love has pleaded innocent to all charges.