Ryan Jarman on Courtney Love: ‘People are threatened because she’s the smartest in the room’

The Cribs' frontman comes out in defence of Courtney Love as she celebrates her 51st birthday

The Cribs‘ Ryan Jarman has written a blog post in defence of Courtney Love as the Hole legend celebrates her 51st birthday today (July 9).

In the blog post for NME.COM, Jarman recalls his first meeting with Love, which took place in Los Angeles in 2005, and a subsequent spell in which he lived at the rock icon’s house. “It was such a fun time because Courtney is a total star and when you live with her she absolutely shows you that proper side of being famous,” Jarman writes. “It’s kind of trippy and amazing.”

Jarman also praises Love’s abilities as a songwriter, calling her “one of the best lyricists I’m aware of”, and insists that there’s “definitely misogyny involved” in negative portrayals of Kurt Cobain’s widow.

“When people insinuate that Kurt wrote some of Hole’s biggest songs, it’s so gross and so lame,” Jarman writes. “The only reason why people would take exception to her is because she was a threat to everyone, and the reason she was a threat is because she was the smartest person in the room and people don’t like that. They don’t like it if there’s someone with a large and brash personality who’s also smart. That’s a terrifying combination for people, but that is who she is.”


Jarman goes on to salute Love for her total authenticity as a human being, saying: “Absolutely, she is exactly as you’d expect and the way she presents herself in the public eye is not put on whatsoever.”

“People like her are always polarising – because of her personality and because she’s so uncompromising,” Jarman continues. “People won’t appreciate it until she’s not around and then suddenly all the things they slagged her off for will be the things they’ll lionise her for. It’s the sad state of things. But what’s so rad about her is that she’s just herself all the time and people either appreciate it or they don’t. That’s not gonna change her at all.”

Read Ryan Jarman’s blog post about Courtney Love in full here.