Courtney Love out of rehab

She's now an outpatient

Courtney Love was released from in-patient rehab on Friday afternoon (November 18) by a Los Angeles judge.

Appearing in court for a progress report hearing, Judge Rand S. Rubin noted the troubled singer had made great strides while confined to a live-in rehab program, and amended her sentence.

“You’re doing really well. I’m really pleased with the reports,” he said. “I certainly hope you keep up the good progress. You’re definitely going in the right direction.”

Love was sent to rehab for six months after she admitted violating probation on prior offenses, by taking drugs this past summer.

Under the new orders, Love will finish out the remainder of her sentence, which amounts to 60 days as an outpatient. She will be required to undertake two random urine tests, three counseling sessions and three 12-step meetings each week.

He also ordered that she complete her community service, which was a condition of her plea agreement on drugs and assault charges.

Love will be able to leave her house for shopping, family and work related purposes, but Rubin set her a curfew at 10pm.

The singer is due to give the court a report on her progress on January 20.