Courtney Love back to work on new songs

The singer says she has up to eight new tracks

Courtney Love has said that her time in rehab has helped her work on new songs.

The singer has spent recent weeks in a facility in California, said that the time has given her the opportunity to work on new tracks, which could feature on the follow-up to her last album, 2004’s ’America’s Sweetheart’.

Working titles include ’The Depths Of My Despair’, ’My Bedroom Walls’, ’Sad But True’ and ’How Dirty Girls Get Clean’.

She told The Guardian: “I’ve had nothing but time in here. There’s not a lot of activities. You have to make your own fn and my fun is my guitar so I’m down to it and I have to really question what it is I do for a living. Primarily I do two things: I act and I sing, and if I don’t do those things well then I don’t know what my objective is.”

Her time out of the limelight has given Love the chance to sample some new music, with current favourites including Kings Of Leon, Goldfrapp and The Duke Spirit.

She continued: “I really like The Duke Spirit. It’s a chick who obviously writes her own lyrics, which is hugely progressive for this day and age. I just don’t see ads for females in bands and it’s very depressing.”