The star even manages to perform a cover of a 60s classic at the San Diego...

Courtney Love made her live return last night in SAN DIEGO playing an hour long, trouble-free set that included a cover of ’HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN’.

The rocker, dressed in a black skirt and top, fishnets, boots and clutching a Diet Coke, hit the stage of downtown venue 4th &B around 10pm. Approximately 400 patrons turned up to see Courtney Love and her band The Chelsea kick things off with ‘Mono’ and ’But Julian I’m a Little Big Older than You’, from ’America’s Sweetheart’, with Courtney Love at times reading the lyrics from a music stand.

Courtney Love refrained from playing guitar during her entire set, her hands instead taking turns holding a constant stream of cigarettes, which she joked about, in reference to her recent legal sentence which bars her from drugs and alcohol, saying “I can’t drink, but I can smoke. Does anyone have a light?”


In addition to ‘All the Drugs’ and ’Sunset Strip’ from her solo album, the singer’s set included a number of Hole classics including ‘Asking For It’, ‘Celebrity Skin’, and ‘Violet’.

Before performing a cover of Buffy Sainte Marie’s ‘Codeine’, Courtney Love asked her fans to make a trip to the polls on US election day (November 2).

“Are you going to fucking vote?” she asked. “I need you to get me out of fucking trouble. Please vote.”

The setlist was:


’But Julian I’m a Little Bit Older than You’


’Asking For It’


’Reasons to Be Beautiful’



’All the Drugs’

’Sunset Strip’


’House of the Rising Sun’

’Celebrity Skin’

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