Exclusive – Courtney Love returns to the studio

The former-Hole star dismisses tabloid rumors as she goes back to work

Courtney Love has entered a Los Angeles studio to begin work on a new solo album.

Following her brief trip to London last week during which she checked out Dirty Pretty Things at Kings College (March 8), Love told NME.COM she’s starting pre-production on her second solo album with producer Linda Perry this week.

The main recording of the as yet untitled effort will take place in April with Perry producing the bulk. Billy Corgan is also set to produce a handful of her new tracks.


Discussing the songs she is considering for her upcoming record Love said: “I don’t generally talk about what the songs are about, but I will say that in the gutters of this earth you can always find love. In the darkest alley and [during] the lowest moment there is always that thing that glitters just a little bit, no matter how twisted or deadly or violent. It’s there magical and transformative. I’ve written a lot about that.”

However she laughed-off suggestions that this could include comedian Steve Coogan, who she was linked with again in weekend news reports.

“We’re friends and he’s funny as fuck and very cool. But he’s not my boyfriend and if he was I sure as hell would never talk about it,” she declared, adding the coverage had upset her. “My private life is my private life. I’ll say one thing. I’m fucking sick of fucking tabloids, I don’t talk to them and I don’t like them.”

She added that since working with Jim Carrey on the 1999 film ‘Man On The Moon’ about comedian Andy Kaufman, she had found herself more inspired by comics than rock stars.

“Ever since I worked with Jim Carrey I’ve related really well to comedians,” she said. “I think our jobs are really similar and I’m drawn to people as friends who aren’t afraid to go to the edge. A lot of times rockers are trying to be cool so much they forget that the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible. Really good comedians are sometimes more rock ‘n’ roll than rock ‘n’ rollers.”

Love declared that this now included ‘Little Britain’’s Matt Lucas and David Walliams, whom she met on her recent London trip, revealing: “I have a ‘Fat Fighters’ sticker on my guitar!”