The singer also tells NME.COM about her fitness regime…

Courtney Love made a brief appearance in a LOS ANGELES courtroom yesterday to set the date for her preliminary hearing on a felony assault charge, filed by prosecutors in June.

Dressed in black biker boots, an argyle sweater and miniskirt, Courtney Love set her next court date for October 27. When she returns, a Judge will examine the evidence regarding the incident, which occurred in April when authorities alleged Courtney Love attacked a woman with a bottle and metal flashlight at an LA home. After reviewing the prosecution’s case, the Judge will then determine whether there is cause to forward to trial or not.

Following the appearance, Courtney Love told NME.COM she was moved by the overwhelming appearance of minority defendants in the courtroom, where she herself faces charges.

“Did you see the court today? I was the only white girl there,” she said. “This is so badly bent. We can’t find them a f***ing job so we create a criminal class. I felt really bad for the people in the room.”

The singer said despite her legal troubles, she’s getting on with life, practicing with her band The Chelsea, in preparation for a string of West Coast dates later this month.

“It’s been going really well,” she said of their sessions. “Hopefully we’ll be spectacular. My band is really good.”

Courtney Love also hosted an episode of Kitty Radio, last night on LA station Indie 103.1, playing a host of her favourite songs including Razorlight’s ‘Rock & Roll Lies’, Pulp’s ‘Underwear’ and The Verve’s ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, which the sober star giggled at spinning. She told NME.COM she’s recently developed a health regime too.

“I’ve been going to the rock spin class [at the gym]. [a][/a] was on the other day. It was f***ed up,” she said.