The singer resolves some long-running legal battles...

Courtney Love turned up to an LA courthouse yesterday to sign a set of plea agreements, resolving three criminal charges she was facing.

Entering through the back door of the court building to avoid the media, Courtney Love, signed a plea deal that resolved a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge, filed against her last summer.

The charge came from an incident in April of last year, when Courtney Love turned up at the home of ex-boyfriend James Barber and allegedly entered an altercation with musician Kristin King.

King accused the singer of dousing and then striking her with a whisky bottle and chasing her with a metal flashlight. Under the plea deal signed yesterday, the felony count was reduced to a lesser misdemeanor assault charge.

The Judge ordered the rocker’s probation which will run for three years, to include anger management, community service and payment of a $1000 fine.

Speaking in a statement, prosecutor Gina Satriano said the district attorney’s office were pleased with the settlement.

“We think this is a reasonable resolution of this case,” the statement read. “Due to the defendant’s history with drugs and her anger control issues, we’re pleased this sentence addresses extensive drug treatment and anger management counseling.”

A few hours later, Courtney Love’s legal team resolved two felony drug possession charges the singer was facing.

The Judge in the case, Elden S. Fox, ordered that Courtney Love refrain from using drugs or alcohol, and places that serve alcohol (except for work related outings) and continue in a drug rehabilitation program.