She's decided to follow Michael Jackson's example...

Courtney Love and Michael Jackson now have more in common than regular court visits.

In a Beverly Hills courtroom yesterday (September 30), Courtney Love added a new defender to her team who is a former lawyer for Michael Jackson.

Thursday saw her trial on two counts of illegally possessing prescription painkillers last October, postponed until November 3. But when she returns to court, she’ll have celebrity attorney Howard Weitzman by her side. The celebrated litigator has also represented Ozzy Osbourne and American football star OJ Simpson.

In a bizarre twist to yesterday’s case, Courtney Love was also required to waive a “conflict of interest waiver” because her new lawyer Weitzman is actually the Godfather of the prosecutor in the case, Deputy District Attorney Gina Satriano.

Weitzman told the court that although he is the prosecutor’s godfather, he had not spent much time with her in the past ten years and only sees her father once a year.

In other Courtney Love news, as the singer headed out of court she was hit with a new lawsuit, this one by New Act Travel, who claim the singer owes them £27,600 in unpaid transportation bookings.