The singer was in court yesterday...

Courtney Love’s trial on one criminal misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance was cut short yesterday when the singer changed her plea to guilty.

Courtney Love had been pleading not guilty on the charge, stemming from her arrest in the early hours of October 3, since last autumn.

After several delays due to lab reports and one court appearance where she changed her lawyer, the trial was finally set to begin yesterday (May 25) in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom, but instead Courtney Love turned up with lawyer Michael Rosenstein, and changed her plea.

As a result of the switch, a disorderly conduct charge, which was brought against her as a failsafe in March, was dropped.

As reported previously on NME.COM, pleading guilty makes Courtney Love eligible for California Proposition 36, which is expected to be invoked at her sentencing on July 16.

The proposition would require Courtney Love to attend a drug treatment program instead of jail time.