The star, facing drug possession charges, returns to court at the same time as her debut solo album is released...

COURTNEY LOVE’s latest court hearing on two felony drug counts, stemming from an incident on October 2, was postponed for a second time yesterday (January 27).

Surrounded by bodyguards, Love arrived promptly for her appearance in front of Beverly Hills Courthouse Judge Elden S Fox, wearing a long black velvet coat and looking rested.

Shortly thereafter she headed into the Judge’s chambers with attorney William Genego and the prosecuting attorney for ten minutes before returning to the courtroom.

The nature of the discussion in chambers was not made public, but Fox indicated that the subject of the meeting would require a preliminary hearing, set for February 11, the day after her solo effort ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is due for release in the US.

“[The] Court has had conversation with counsel and with Miss Love regarding certain [issues]. Based on these conversations the court has agreed to continue this matter to February 11th to continue [the] investigation,” he said.

He then asked Love to “share” the information regarding the issues to her attorneys and the District Attorney before her next court appearance.

After leaving the court, Love told NME she was planning a tour in support of ‘America’s Sweetheart’.