The singer on the fruits of her writing sessions with Billy Corgan, and who she'd like to make the record with in jail...

COURTNEY LOVE has spoken about working with ex-SMASHING PUMPKIN BILLY CORGAN in CHICAGO on her new solo album, which is due out next year.

Love revealed she hopes to work with producers Rick Rubin or Daniel Lanois on the record, which she wants to record in a women’s prison.

In an interview with, she said: “For this prison record, I want to play with Dave (Navarro), I want to play with Lisa [Leveridge, guitarist in Love’s band, The Chelsea], and I want to play with [Jane’s Addiction drummer] Stephen Perkins – Courtney’s Addiction! I want to front Jane’s Addiction!”

She added that the songs are “more narrative, acoustic-based,” and said she and Corgan together wrote with Bob Dylan’s ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ in mind.

Love described herself as having been “lazy and post-traumatic and coke-nutbag-breakdown” when she put the guitar down last year, but said she now wants pick it up again now. She also indicated she wants to focus on her career and there is talk of a pre-trial settlement in the two outstanding cases against her which are due to come to court next year.

She said while working with Corgan: “I didn’t pick up a guitar the whole time. I let go to a degree that it’s starting to bother me… This is the first time in my life I’ve written with somebody where I didn’t do so much more work than I’ve been credited with.”

She also revealed that she has been approached to take part in a reality TV show with herself, Pam Anderson and American TV star Kelly Ripa going to boot camp. “For five seconds I was like, ‘Fucking boot camp? I really would love the body that would get me.’ But to do it on television? I don’t think so.”