The troubled star appears in LA court

Courtney Love has pled not guilty to an assault charge in Los Angeles.

The troubled rocker turned up in a downtown courtroom on Friday (August 20) to face Commissioner Mulcahy, the court officer who revoked her $55,000 bail and issued a warrant for her arrest, when she failed to show up for the original arraignment date, scheduled last month.

Turning up on time, the singer pled not guilty to the charge, filed as a result of an alleged April incident where officers said Love hit a woman with a bottle and metal flashlight at the home of ‘America’s Sweetheart’ co-producer James Barber. A preliminary hearing where attorneys will set witness lists and decide the final date for the trial was set for October 7.

Love did get some good news on Friday though. Mulcahy overturned his previous judgement that revoked the $55,000 bail when she didn’t show up for court in July, meaning Love gets that money back. It was just hours after that missed appearance, photos emerged of Love being taken to a hospital.