Courtney Love narrowly escapes jail

Singer is sent to a chemical dependency centre after breaking probation…

COURTNEY LOVE was sent to a chemical dependency centre yesterday (August 19).

The rocker, who is currently on probation for three misdemeanours stemming from incidents over the last two years, appeared in court on Friday morning, to answer claims she violated conditions of her sentences.

After admitting she violated her probation by taking drugs last month, Judge Rand S Rubin told the singer she narrowly averted being sent to jail due to the intervention of her lawyers Howard Weitzman and Michael Rosenstein.

“I am very disappointed,” the Judge told Love. “I understand addiction is a disease. I can’t force you to get off drugs. Three courts have tried to help you get off drugs. My belief was you needed to go to the county jail and I planned on taking you in today.”

A hush fell over the court and Love began to well-up as Rubin mentioned jail. She blotted tissues to her face and appeared visibly shaken as he went indicate she was not heading to prison was because her lawyers convinced him prior to Friday’s court session that admitting her to a “chemical dependency centre” would serve the singer better.

“You either need a long term drug treatment program or a long term jail sentence,” Rubin said.

Before leaving court, a visibly distressed Love was embraced and consoled by Weitzman. She also went over and hugged prosecutor Gina Satriano on her way out, mouthing the words “thank you” to the lawyer.

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Weitzman said Love’s treatment would be an austere experience.

“I believe Courtney has every intent on complying with the court order,” he said. “She had a relapse [but] she’s serious, she’s sincere and she’s tenacious [about doing this].”

Love is expected back in court to report on her progress September 16.