The star, facing drug possession charges, asks for another postponement...

COURTNEY LOVE‘s preliminary hearing on two felony possession charges has been delayed until January 27.

The singer was due for a hearing in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday (December 11), but when she showed up, she asked for a postponement instead.

Love arrived at the Beverly Hills courthouse with a wrapped bouquet of pink roses (she brought red ones last month), but without her pet beagle Molly, who accompanied her last court visit.

Dozens of reporters, photographers and television crews swamped the pavement outside the building, requiring extra officers be brought in to escort Love to and from the courtroom.

Once she made it past the media to District 1, Love joined her attorney William Genego in asking Judge Lisa Hart Cole to grant her a delay until next year.

Last month Love‘ entered a plea of not guilty to the two felony counts, both a result of her arrest October 2 of this year.

The Judge granted the request and Love left the courtroom silently, surrounded by a team of police.

Though she exited the Beverly Hills Courthouse through the front entrance last month when entering her plea, yesterday she opted to leave via an underground entrance, in an attempt to avoid the media circus. She did stop the car she was riding in and get out for photos, but after being barraged with questions unrelated to her felony charges Love quickly returned to her vehicle and left the area.