The star faces drug possession charges...

Courtney Love has been ordered to stand trial on two felony counts of drug possession.

Though her case was originally called at 9.13am, with neither the prosecution, defence or Courtney Love in the courtroom it was put into rotation and recalled at 10.04am, about 20 minutes after the singer arrived.

In the courtroom prosecutor Jeff Stodel called witness Officer Douglas Trerise, one of the policemen who arrested her the night of October 3. During his testimony he told the courtroom Courtney Love invited officers into a room she identified as “her bedroom” where she handed them a bag of pills from under the bed. He then testified the officers took the bag of pills and entered them into evidence.

Courtney Love’s lawyers objected to the photographic evidence of the pills, saying the photograph shown to the court was not in the condition she had originally presented them to officers in. “The Sheriff’s department got it and put the pills into different bags,” Nabatoff said.

Trerise’s testimony also revealed the pills had been tested and two were found to be oxycodone and hyrdocodone, which they claim Courtney Love did not have a prescription for.

Rosenstein then objected, but Judge Fox told the court he had determined there was “reasonable and probable cause” for the matter to be held over and arraignment – where Courtney Love will be required to enter an official plea, was set for April 30.

“I’m on tour,” she said to the Judge who replied, “Just speak to your attorney.”

Courtney Love later left the court for an appearance on evening programme ‘The Tonight Show’.