Courtney Love’s ‘rehab was really good’

Co-songwriter reveals album progress

Courtney Love is currently hard at work on her next album after hooking up with songwriter Linda Perry.

Perry – the former 4 Non Blondes singer and the person behind songs by Christina Aguilera and Pink – has vowed to bring back the singer from what she described as her “crap-ass” last record, 2004’s ‘America’s Sweetheart’.

“My dedication right now is to bring back the queen of rock and roll, and that’s Courtney Love,” she said. “That woman is brilliant, and I can’t allow myself as a music lover and someone who really respects that artist to go down with ‘America’s Sweetheart’. That record sucked. She knows it. The world knows it. It was a horrible, crap-ass record.”

Despite being in the early stages of working together, Perry has told MTV News that things are going well so far.

“She’s really focused, pleasure to be around, looks great, sounds great, really great ideas, great songs she’s written … so rehab was really good,” she joked. “My job now is to make that (Courtney Love) rock and roll record that everybody’s gonna love.”

Check out next week’s NME, on sale May 3, for an exclusive interview with Courtney.