The star puts her troubles behind her so she can "rock" once again...

Courtney Love is on the road to recovery and will appear at the Japanese FUJI ROCK festival this weekend.

The singer spoke to NME during a recess in her court appearance in Los Angeles yesterday (July 29) to say she’s doing well.

“I probably needed to get my ass kicked,” she said of having entered rehab recently. “I survived something I should have died in.”

Courtney Love was in court Thursday for a routine pre-trial hearing on two felony drug possession charges stemming from an incident last October when LAPD detectives say she handed them a bag containing pills she did not have prescriptions for. During the hearing, Judge Elden S Fox made the singer’s courtroom schedule a little lighter, ordering that an unrelated assault charge she was facing in downtown LA, be moved to his courtroom. Continuing pre-trial motions on the felonies, and an arraignment on the assault charge will now both be heard on August 16 in front of Fox. The Judge also ruled against a motion by the prosecution, filed two weeks ago, which would have required Courtney Love post bail on the felony matters. “I don’t find at this stage, she poses any significant threat to the community,” the Judge said, denying the filing.

Though the singer, in a cream suit, was quiet in court, outside she told NME she was on pins and needles, awaiting word from immigration officials processing her travel documents for Fuji Rocks in Japan this weekend.

“We’re all packed,” she said of her band The Chelsea. “Let me go rock this festival.”

Courtney Love‘s Japanese visas were approved just hours after she left court and she will play the festival tomorrow night (July 31).