But at least she's got her copy of NME to read in court...

Courtney Love’s court calendar got a little lighter yesterday when the singer was sentenced in downtown LA on a drugs charge.

Clutching NME’s recent Pixies cover story, an orange handbag and wearing a lavender suit by Marc Jacobs, Courtney Love arrived at the court shortly before 2PM local time.

Courtney Love appeared healthy and playful inside, pulling a face behind her attorney’s back, reading an article on estranged Libertines Pete Doherty’s recent rehab attempts and asking NME’s reporter about Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos before the Judge arrived in the courtroom.

After a short meeting with Courtney Love’s attorney and the prosecutor at the bench, the Judge sentenced the singer to 18 months probation on a misdemeanor drugs conviction stemming from an incident last year when Courtney Love was found in the middle of an LA street after having broken windows at the home of ‘America’s Sweetheart’ co-producer James Barber.

She was later taken to the police station where she was arrested and tested for drugs. Those results came back months later, showing traces of cocaine in her system and Courtney Love ended up pleading guilty to being under the influence of a controlled substance.

As part of her probation Courtney Love will have to attend rehab and stay clean in order to remain out of jail. She was also told she must not drink alcohol and in a somewhat ambiguous statement, go to places where alcohol is sold “cheap.” Though it was not clear if that condition applies to off-licenses, the Judge did say the singer could be in alcohol serving locales if she was there for work.

After court, Courtney Love breathed a heavy sigh when considering the verdict in relation to the two felony charges of drug possession she’s still facing across town in Beverly Hills.

“It’s not gonna go away,” she said of her legal matters. “They come after you when you stick out and then they go away when you stop doing drugs. So let’s see America. Can I stop taking pills?”

Learning Courtney Love had been in rehab in Connecticut the last few weeks, the singer was asked if she had gleaned any wisdom from the experience.

“You’re going to have to wait,” she replied. “I’m sort of new — I mean I did this once. This really, it’s about Valium, Xanax.”

Following the court appearance Courtney Love told reporters she was heading back to work, rehearsing with her band The Chelsea.